Excellence is a habit, not an act.  Through our passion for competitive gaming, we have become well known in the gaming community. Take a look through the various sections to learn more about us, our recruitment, requirements, upcoming tournaments and more!



Kills has been in numerous teams and worked his way up to multiple management positions and roles with authority. However, he always had more skills to network and grow these teams than he was given the power to do so. In 2019, two friends had out grown their previous teams and felt that their skills and experience would best be utilized by creating their own team. So, after much deliberation, ANE was born. As original Owner, Kills wanted to make sure that we benefit and grow AS A TEAM and stand behind the vision of solidarity. These visions always put ANE in the forefront and as the team grows, visions old and new evolve with it.
Here at ANE, we have both casual & competitive team play. Although we do offer both, the two do not crossover, but instead the casual players morally support those competing, whether it be via a supporter in a teammates stream, various social media platforms or even by saying “Hey good luck today!” in our team discord. 
ANE is not a Clan, we are a team, you could even say we are a Family. Any way you spin it, we are a close-knit community of gamers & eSports fans. We come from diverse backgrounds & various countries but are all driven by common pursuits; our passion for gaming, our drive for competition & the desire to share our excitement & experiences with those who feel the same. We take pride in our team, for what we are and for what we will be.



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            RULES & GENERAL                          GUIDELINES

Value. All team members are expected to contribute to the overall wellbeing and success of the team. 
Professionalism. We are a professional organization and our members are expected to act accordingly. What you do in your free time and personal life doesn't concern us. But when you are representing the ANE you will always be held accountable for your actions. 
Respect. You are expected to treat your teammates with respect. 
Discord. It is mandatory that you are in the team Discord. We post information regarding the team and events. Team meetings are held in the channel as well.
Streaming. Streamers must stream multiple times a week. It is not a requirement to stream but if you are a streamer, BE a streamer. 
                                                                                      *Rules can be subject to change*



We are always accepting applications; however, we do recruit quality over quantity. We currently have teams for Apex, CoD Warzone, Fortnite, Overwatch (Xbox), Rainbow 6 Siege, and Rocket League.
Our competitive teams consist of players whose drive has placed them in very high, or even at some of the highest skill levels in their selected games. These members play daily, compete in tournaments, stream and post on various Social Media outlets. They all play together and support each other on and off the “playing field”. As a competitive player, you will be required to work well with your team (I.E. cooperation, communication), respect each other, strategize amongst other things.
If you feel that you could fulfill these requirements and have what it takes to contribute to the success of ANE, feel free to fill out the Recruitment Form! Don’t forget to tell us a little bit about yourself & what your main game is!

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FORTNITE: 4 playes seasons, 350 wins.

WARZONE: 3-5 day trial try-out, 50 minimum win.

APEX: 4KD, 900 damageaverage per game and 15K kills.

OVERWATCH: Mid-Diamond Rank on your main role, 3250 SR minimum.

RAINBOW 6: Platinum 3, positive K.D., know and use callouts, be a team player.

NBA 2K: Superstar 1, solid basketball IQ, 50% win percent or higher, no toxicity, must play competitively.



We have an ANE team fund that is for our monthly bills, development, expansion, league and tournament entries, etc. Any contribution big or small is a tremendous help and is greatly appreciated.
** All members who donate get recognition in the form of a custom tag in your Discord profile! **
Here are some ways you can send money to ANE; 
Paypal;  www.paypal.me/cjgalka 
Cashapp;  $kill5 
Venmo;  iKills or (281)258-6628 

Note: All donations are non refundable. These are contributions towards the betterment of the team regardless of your current or future status in the organization. 



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